Non-Carnal Love Series # 36

Be truly true to self and all

Be truly true to self and all

Ordinarily, a fig tree in the scripture is a plant of the Mediterranean region noted for bearing pear-shaped fruit in its season. Whenever the leaves appear blossoming, one in need of the fruit should be expectant of finding fruit there to wet ones appetite. No one ever expects to find fruit on the tree if it happens that the leaves are falling off or are already dried. The situation tells one that the tree is out of season and cannot be carrying any fresh fruits. The fig tree is significant for the main purpose of producing edible fruits when the tree carries blooming leaves and one knows that flowering and fruit  bearing are natural consequence, all things being equal.

The second significance is not physical fruit bearing but proverbially and significantly spiritual as it concerns the human relationship. This aspect is rather intriguing because the fig tree is apparently blossoming and expectedly to be at the highest level of bearing fruits. Therefore, in the coming post(s) we shall endeavor to present possible reasons for the apparent status of the fig tree rather than the stark realities as applied to human relationship which believers are to watch out for in the context of being our brother’s keeper. This is a prelude to discussion on why people say what they do not mean or intend to act upon, like giving empty promises or striving for cheap publicity without having anything to offer.

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