About Humanangle

Socio-cultural angle can be described as human angle or web of interactions among human beings as social animals. It is a dicey phenomenon in human relationship in view of individual differences. These usually arise from every ones upbringing with formal and informal education. In addition, there is experiential learning which may make or mar what level of development reached before interacting with others from other background. Heredity often times plays vital role in man’s life.

 There are other areas that can shape people’s behavior like ones religion or non religious stance, the type of education that one received while growing up as well as peer group influence. This is particularly germane to adolescent stage of life.

 Expect to read copiously about areas of human relationship, the good and the bad, the wicked and the humane, the beautiful and the ugly to mention a few. In other words we shall have an objective focus on human endeavors that may impact on their interactions.

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