Great But Dented Series # 9

This post is essentially a follow-up to series number 8. it talks to christians whose hearts are right with the Lord that they need not fear today’s Haman Esther 6: 11-13. In our present age, such breed of Haman be warned that those who really gave their life to Jesus are already covered by the ‘Blood of the Lamb’, are at such are the end time Jews. No present time Haman can ever get rid of them. Jesus saves but one has got to seek Him first diligently in thought, words and in deed. Both Esther and her mentor, Mordecai fitted perfectly into this virtuous mode.

It would appear Pontius Pilate, a Roman military Consul in Jerusalem needed not fear his so-called subjects as his being there made him representative of the Roman Emperor. He bowed to the wishes of the Jewish Synagogue rulers in their demand for the death sentence for Jesus Christ, the “King of the Jews” who he said was sinless. Pilate’s washing his hands off the matter of death penalty by crucifixion did not vindicate him because handing Jesus over to the Pharisees, Sadducees and indeed the Sanhedrin constituted tacit support for the ignoble demand. In Roman history, Brutus to Julius Caesar was a second in command to the Emperor. Brutus  led a cabal to assassinate Julius Caesar. In other words, Brutus by his action dented his greatness. Equally, the past Liberian Head of State, Sergeant Doe was first seen as a liberator from the descendants of American liberated ruling elites in the country. It is believed that he was there to make Liberians free from the American culture oriented leaders in government like late President Tubman Goldie. He, Sgt Doe was accepted and dignified but turned into unacceptable behavior which was later cited  as corruption of unimaginable dimension. It was like nature thrusted greatness on him and he dented  it through greed and lack of moral rectitude to manage the greatness. He was in no way different from Jeroboam in Northern Israel Kings 13: 33-34; or Rehoboam in the kingdom of Judah 1Kings 14: 22-24

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