Significance of Number 4 in Creation

Genuine fighting has  God's framework for success

Genuine fighting has God’s framework for success

I am not a numerologist. I never tried to even understand or explore the knowledge because Jesus is all I need and believe. I will not be the only one in this frame of mind. However, it is significant that in certain victorious circumstances number 4 featured prominently.

There are certain events in creation which remained a beacon or a source of guidance towards our understanding of the universal work of God, and more importantly, how we can take cue from there to fashion out a life of obedience to God and doing His holy will. Daniel 11: 32b states “But the people who do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits” Revd. Emmanuel Awowole in his ministration on April 4, 2014 wrote: “Today is 4- 4-14. FOUR is the number of creation: signs, seasons, days and years * FOUR regions of the earth: North, South, East and West * FOUR seasons of the year: Spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter * FOUR great elements: Water, earth, fire and air * FOUR divisions of the day: Morning, afternoon, evening and midnight * FOUR spheres of suffering: distress, despair, forsaken and destroyed * FOUR mighty men in the life of David risked their lives to serve him 1Sam 23 and Chronicles 11 (NKJV) * FOUR Philistine giants were defeated by David’s men * FOUR miserable comforters in the life of Job * FOUR friends carried a palsy man to Jesus in Mk 2: 1-14 * ‘Loving, sacrifice, dedicated and rich’ – Whatever good things you have enjoyed in any of these things shall be permanent in your life IJN. Any negativity or manipulation through any of these things is nullified in Jesus Name.” Courtesy of

From the above consummated work of God, even from creation time, it is of note that God declared “And God saw everything he has made, and behold, it is good” HE, our God has dominion over everything, it is therefore for us to trust him without any shadow of doubt and on top of it, HE is ever prepared to forgive our sins and iniquities, provided we do not feel too big to confess our sins and with penitent heart ask for forgiveness. Trusting Him is an affirmation of our total dependence in Him through Christ our Savior. Psalm 91: 1 says “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” David played a key role in total dependence on God and the Lord never abandoned him. In conclusion, it is clear that God thrives in orderliness. God is sovereign and has HIS own way of solving our problems for us. The four spheres of suffering applied to Prophet Jeremiah but he endured all and lasted beyond his oppressors.

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