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It is an interesting exercise for people to consider why we have to trust in God and what we stand to gain therefrom. There are many definitions for the word trust. It can be defined as absolute reliance in or total dependence on God. It can be understood to mean an unyielding faith in God no matter what. The reason for trusting God is also to mean the advantages that can be derived from such action through “faith” in Jehovah.

It guarantees peace of mind as read in Isaiah 23: 3; “Thou will keep him in perfect peace, because he trusteth in thee.” (KJV 2013) There are similar connotations found in Nahum 1: 7-9 and Psalm 31:19. Goodness and provision of needs are derivable from trusting in God. It is a common sitiatuation that the arm of man may fail at the very time of need. There is also that trusting God has always been an everlasting strength to those who trust in him. Shadrach, Meshack and Abednigo are an enduring sample of those who trust in God even at the chance of being roasted in deadly fire.

However, faith without work is as “Trust” not complimented with “Obedience” which may lead to failure. God’s promise of a child to be his heir got fulfilled after a long waiting up to and including when God asked for Isaac to be sacrificed to HIM. Abraham painfully obeyed and God was delighted in him and blessed him the more.Trust and obedience are mutually exclusive or at least complimentary.

One can actually state that Trust and Obedience are mutually exclusive and are needed for the fulfilment of what we are trusting God for. llSamuel 30: 7-10 can be seen as David in the stage of trusting God ; while verses 11-15 represented David’s waiting in faith as mark of obedience to God’s message to pursue the Amalakites by which he met the abandoned Egyptian servant of an Amalakite’s master and got the right clue as to how to trace the whereabout of David’s enemies llSamuel 30: 16-18 represented.

Fulfilment came as David’s soldiers trounced the reveling Amalakites. If when it was necessary for him to pursue his enemies but failed to obey or take action, it would have been that his trusting God did not yield any positive result. In addition to annihilating his enemies he got back all that were initially lost to the invaders. Not doubting the word of God, one can conclude in the words of Psalm 125:1 that says; “They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.