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The Time is Now Series # 3 (conclusion)

  1.  It is an honest question which is food for thought for all concerned as to its being germane. Will it not be reasonably surmised that there existed evil collaboration between hosts and guests socio-economically in the oil industry there? It is an ill wind that blows no one any good in the long run.
  2. American entrepreneurs should demonstrate unequivocal social responsibility to any community in which they do business. It is not supposed to be a type of doling crumbs to servants from the master’s table. Respect the local leaders without losing site of the need of the so called silent majority. This partnership should be unquestionable. This will help to prevent continual socio-economically motivated armed uprising from the people as seen in the South-south Niger delta area of the country. Social injustice is a curse that will always retard economic growth or relationship.
  3. The private sector that would be in the partnership should learn to give reasonable allowance concerning the non-economic but cultural norms of the host countries or communities without jeopardizing economic interest of both parties.
  4. American War of Independence brought losses to Britain and the US, but as of today the two countries remain inseparable in world affairs to their mutual benefits. This observation is however futuristic in United States socio-economic partnership with African countries. The time is now!
  5. I love America for its open door policy which has kept her alive and would continue to keep her buoyant. United Kingdom (Britain) and United States both put behind them the brutal experience they went through by the wars they fought. There is no person or nation that cannot rise from grass to grace in the context of a progressive mind set.
  6. Africa is of age to eat solid food without seeing her as an entity that needed be given more of baby milk. It is time for business with existing survival kits as reference point to guide in business ethics, rules and regulations that must be applied pragmatically.

    Love of Christ is love of God

    Be your brother’s keeper to honor God

It is hoped that the partnership will be mutually beneficial more than the U.S. could ever imagine, for I know that huge success is awaiting the planned economic cooperation. Let us ponder on this question: Will the partnership be in “LCM” Least Common Factor” or in “HCF” Highest Common Factor? Will there be highest common concern for all or for partial or selfish interest? The mutual benefit must be exponential to make the relationship worth the while. Any endeavor that keeps to the truth in the words of God is bound to have good success. Love your neighbor as yourself.  (This completes the series.)