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Lose Focus and Lose Out

With due respect to the ancestors of human race, Adam and Eve were somehow naive or inexperienced when it came to preempting the beguiling serpent. The bible narrated their expulsion from the Garden of Eden Genesis 3:  22-23. With this precedence of losing focus and losing precious opportunity that the Hebrews knew very well, there should be no excuse for them (The children of Israel) to have to forget or abandon the God of their forefathers. The Almighty that got them released from bondage did not tell them that HE would stop supporting them. The release was done in consequence of 10 different afflictions on the Egyptians as recorded in Exodus Chapters 7-12.

Human nature being weak and at times weird by the way in which they always forget to learn from past experiences, continued to be amazing. The miraculous parting of the Red Sea into two for the Hebrews to pass through amidst fear and trembling while same Red Sea swallowed the Egyptian hosts and their King was enough to teach them that their God was awesome and sovereign. Moses was a vessel of honor to God, with or without him God was enough to solve the problems confronting them. With this in mind, Moses went up to Mount Sinai to receive the Code of Conduct (10 commandments) meant to set before them standard of behavior that would endear them to their God. Instead of recalling the goodness of the Lord throughout their life in bondage and in the ongoing wilderness experiences, they lost focus on their God. Rather than waiting patiently for Moses to return from his appointment with God on Mt. Sinai, they mounted pressure on Aaron to create a golden calf to represent their God that delivered them from bondage in Egypt. Surprisingly, Aaron of all people, lost focus by acceding to the people’s request to turn away from God that loved them so much. Were it not Moses who stood in the gap for them, God could have wiped them out in his annoyance over his people’s stiff-necked disobedience. Exodus 32: 11-14.

Without trying to be vulgar, there was a man driving on a busy city road in Lagos, Nigeria and happened to sight a lady fit to be described as a paragon of beauty. He was  carried away by what he saw and instantly lost focus. Instead of concentrating on the road, he drifted off the road and smashed his car against a concrete slab with protruding  reinforcement rods. The rods pierced the front of his car and his body. He paid dearly with his life because of losing focus. It has always been so throughout the ages. From biblical example, Judges 13:15, Samson the anointed one to deliver the Jews from the constant ravaging of the Philistines started well as a Nazarite with divine power meant for crushing the enemies of the Jews. His choice of women to love choked him. Delilah’s love so overwhelmed him that he released to her the secret of his superhuman power. It led to his capture and torment. His eyes were plucked out. However, God never loses focus of what he has ordained, in that while in captivity his source of power rejuvenated and as the hair were growing he prayed penitently and fervently to God to avenge his captivity. Words of God once spoken never returned to him void. This is why God granted his prayer that agreed with his mission on earth Judges 16: 28-30. We see in Verse 28 that says: And Samson called on to the Lord, and said, O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines of my two eyes”. Samson still fulfilled his mission but not in the most glorious manner. Great personalities that lost focus and consequently lost out was King Solomon. He was the one who did not do well before God and made God to ensure that the ten-tribe Northern kingdom was excised out of the twelve tribes under King David though not during Solomon’s reign. God actually remembered David’s total submission to His Holy will and shifted the break away to Rehoboam’s reign.

Non-Carnal Love Series # 8

Samson, the failed hero

Non divine love wreak havoc on Balaam

Both Samson and Balaam failed to uphold the dignity associated with divine love because they could not bear the strain and stress of what it takes to have divine love. Balaam, a great sorcerer and highly respected failed to tread on the path of righteousness expected of him. As Balak, King of Moab, heard about the victorious entry of the Israelites into the promised land , he became terrified because it would be the turn of his kingdom to be sacked after overrunning Sihon – King of the Amorites.

King Balak blinded Balaam to the true meaning of various divine warnings he received from God. One would think that if it behoved God to give instructions to Balaam in his warning dreams on how to handle the request Balak made, he should have understood better. The divine signals were not for fun. The signals were very explicit. They included Balaam, the donkey that spoke in human’s voice and the Angel. Number 22 : 21-38 (NKJV). Balaam’s behavior is a show of love of money and power over and above loving or accepting God’s dicisive position on any matter before him – a mere mortal.

Non-Carnal Love Series # 7

Samson, the failed hero

Samson, the failed hero

It is crystal clear that a man of God can lose his anointing if he fails to resist the devil to the extent that it must flee from him. As it was with Balaam, so it occurred to Samson born with heavy anointing on him. He had a clear mission to deliver the Israelites from the Philistines. He violated the agelong prohibition of marrying from non-Jewish clan, especially from the Philistines. He acted against parental advice. His first betrothed wife was married to his best man.
Samson went ahead with carnal love for another Philistine damsel- Delilah- a harlot. He lost possession of his anointing and fell prey to the beguiling power of Delilah’s ceaseless entreaties.

As soon as he spiritually deflated himself, the Philistines captured him and plucked off his two eyes (Judges 16 : 22). Samson without his anointing became an ordinary defenseless man. So it is in our everyday life that carnal love continues to destroy political careers of some prominent politicians.