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It is only when man is confronted with desperate situation that he tends to resort to resharpening his potent weapons. So it is with the recent resurgence in the use of Psalm  93 and others in order to keep corona virus at a distance or to be dealt a death blow by divine power. This Psalm talks of the majesty of the Lord. At times when disaster confronts we who call ourselves children of God following period of apostasy, we always wake up to address God as to how gracious He has always been.

In  this Psalm from verse 2-5, it is recorded: “The floods have lifted up, Oh Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lifted up their waves. The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea; than the mighty waves of the sea. Thy testimonies are very sure. Holiness becomes thine house, Oh Lord, for ever.” Climate change is a world phenomenon, it therefore behoves every country to take premptive measures to be able to assuage the consequencies of the remenace of flooding like or other disasters.

Nigeria is currently suffering the inability to prepare to meet the challenges of flooding, very unpreedented  indeed. It was widely reported that about 33 out of 36 states have been submerged up to first floor of houses in many  states.Lokoja in Kogi State has been submerged  as well as in Bayelsa and River States, all acroos the Niger Delta. It is like people are tempting  God. At this stage, there is no remedial measure that can be as worthy as having doing the action before disaster struck. such shall be like shutting the door after the horse has been stolen.

In invoking God’s power, there has to be a consistency of dependency relationship between man and his creator . I am more concerned with Christians who we know are using the Psalms as their weapon against evil events or situations. Look through Facebook pages, there are a large number of prayers and invocation using the psalm and others like Psalms 91, 35, 69 or 109 as the ingredent for garnishing their prayers  asking God to bind or uproot the devil behind the flood, fire, internicine and international wars as well. Taking precautionary measures are spiritual measures being taken to avert and even prevent periperlous times.

We all believe that God is benevolent and is always there for us who believe in the existence of the deity we call God. But then, how do we feel if someone who had chosen to be on a non-speaking terms with us just hurriedly start to ask for favor? Human beings may tend to hesitate to oblige, but our maker will always oblige if the seeker returns to him with penitent heart without having doubts over the acceptance of his or her prayer request(s).

In essence, it behoves believer not to wait until situation had become desperately bad before reminding God that, HE is his shield and buckler. It has to be an on-going practice so that an ardent believer does not need to unnecessarily panic when things go awry and may spin out of control before bombarding the throne of grace for urgent help. An adage for a learner says we should not wait for any war to start before assembling weapons of war.