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Non-Carnal Love Series # 26

StrengthWeak faith or outright unfaithfulness or total rejection of faith (God) is opposed to God’s love which He freely gives to mankind. In the Old Testament, kings as leaders except for few like Like David, Josiah,  Hezekiah, and Solomon (early in his reign) all led Jews away from God. The decadence began from the Northern Kingdom and led to their punitive stay in exile. Prophet Amos from the Southern Kingdom of Judah and Jerusalem was God-sent to warn them against the coming judgement. It soon spread to Judah that also went into exile.

In the New Testament, we read “Be careful then, dear brothers and sisters, make sure that your own hearts are not evil and unbelieving, turning away from the living God” Hebrew 3: 12 (NKJV). Apostle Paul in his zeal for God clearly identified those who became apostate by repudiating God. They are: Demas in llTimothy 4: 10; Hymenaus and Alexander were also cited in lTimothy 1:20. It is believed as written that they veered off the course of faith they so much professed because of the very cruel and intimidating persecution that beset the disciples from the Jews at home and abroad in Matthew 11: 6; Luke 8: 13. Mountains in the life of believers, God has always turned them to testimonies. Be strong in the Lord in all circumstances for the sake of eternity.

Non-Carnal Love Series #20

Non-canal loveAs human as we are with our fullness and emptiness, it is not usual for one to see ones choicest creation or possession being misused, oppressed, abused and disgraced by others not so close to ones heart. The moment ones dearest possession cries out in anguish one must rise up in love to ensure alleviating the regrettable situation or total release from it. Nehemiah in exile and in the court of King Artaxerxes became sad because of the bad news concerning the gloom that beset the walls of Jerusalem, and even the temple. It was at a time when the princes and rulers of Jerusalem and Judah were in exile.

It is pertinent to stress that God’s compassion moved the king to see sorrow in Nehemiah’s countenance. He there and then set out to give Nehemiah the joy  and happiness over what he needed most which neither hatred nor jealousy can spoil; Nehemiah chapters 1 and 2. Through Nehemiah’s love and total dependence in God through fervent prayers, King Artaxerxes sponsored the rebuilding of the broken walls of Jerusalem. There is none like God in showering his blessings with love over those who know HIM.