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The Time is Now (continued) Series # 2

Love of Christ is love of God

Cooperation based on positive LOVE tends to be very beneficial

Business world in America will not forget the shrewd business mogul from Nigeria in person of Late M K O Abiola who fell prey to Khaki men in political gab fueled by ethnicity, religion as well as the  oligarchic unwritten constitution of his country.  His victory in the general election described as the freest ever in the country had immediate salutary effect on the economy before the result of the election was annulled. If he had not ventured into politics his business success would have possibly remained a model for Africa and the world to see. Asian Tigers would have remained in business as Asian industrial cats, if the US had not partnered with them. By the same token, look at how Vietnam bounced up industrially after the devastating effect of the Vietnam War of 1968.

In Africa, there is a preponderance of political ideology that promoted enlightened self interest rather than seeking the greatest good of the greatest number.


Objective Partnership: One needs to suggest some guiding principles, even though, before America speaks out through the mouth of the President the blue print must have been prepared and revised from time to time. Such would have ensured that America does not stand to lose in the partnership.

  1. There has to be objective partnership within a framework of balanced equation.
  2. The partnership must respect the sovereignty of the host country with a view to not causing political upheaval that can become counter productive to both parties.
  3. There should be rigorous straining the host country’s eligible entrepreneurs if the partnership is to worth the while.
  4. Business should be business. No ethnic bias or sympathy or religious bigotry can ever make any company run efficiently and effectively.
  5. The Chinese have been unsuspectingly penetrating African countries even to the level of rural areas in each country. China has a shorter socio-economic history with Africa than the United States. It is needed to be mutually satisfied concerning the bigger brother and the junior in the field of democratic governance. Why should the US allow others to out do her in spite of her open door policy? Let us get it straight that the young shall grow, come what may.
  6. Unscrupulous entrepreneurs must be exposed and possibly ostracized so as to guard against explosion of time bomb swept under the carpet when it ought to have been detonated before any damage could be done.
  7. It is no news that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with a population of 175,000,000 millions. It had long been estimated that for every five Africans, one would be a Nigerian. The country has become a new haven for Chinese businesses. Say what anyone will, coming up with strong economic ties with African countries will heal past wounds in African mind as it did in the erstwhile foes of America that are now enjoying best relationship with her. Oh! US wake up before it is too late.
  8. Let the print and electronic media start beaming positive pictures of situation of things in Africa to the unsuspecting news hungry Americans and not over playing the effect of wars and droughts. These tend to scare the citizenry and more so the potential investors from investing in Africa for mutual benefit.

Oil business in Nigeria has yielded unscrupulous multi-millionaires and billionaires. Most of this category of rich Nigerians can never have any business acumen to show for their wealth like DuPont in the paint industry or Ford in automobile industry. (This is a continuation to be concluded in next post)


The Time is Now Series # 1

 President Obama’s mission on the three-nation tour of Africa was very clear. The media made us know that he did not go to assess how much aid was to be doled out to the so-called ailing African nations. It was virtually a trade mission. America needs economically viable Africa as much as Africa is also in dire need of America. The partnership has to be understood in terms of a farmer should not afford to go on cruise to any leisure land during planting season, nurturing the farm products and more so, the harvest season. Bet it, the bi-partisan benefit to Africa and America would be so tremendous that America would have to regret having treated Africa as a place where nothing good can ever come out from. The old economic order has been changing and it willsurely continue to change hence the more developed economies should no longer assume the economic stance of winners take all. A popular saying in Africa and particularly in Nigeria puts it that the young shall grow. Obviously, the elders that give kiddies kindly but disciplined upbringing will keep remaining golden in their hearts in years to come.The President affirmed that from this time henceforth, it is partnership in business and not paternalistic relationship. America has to be on the spot to protect her own investment. Surely, African entreprenuers and government corporations will not sit on the fence watching their valuable economy going the forbidden ruinous route.

 There is no doubt as to who has greater economic clout than the other in the partnership. Obviously American entrepreneurs without doubt qualify for such. Elementary economics tells us that greater investment tends to yield greater returns, all things being equal. It is incontrovertible that America has more DOLLAR millionaires, billionaires and trillion owning investors than any country in Africa. Reason is not difficult to figure out because most of the sophisticated equipments will be sourced from the USA. It is obvious that American investors who want to succeed will adopt shrewd economic rationality in sourcing them from their home front, from US manufacturers and not from elsewhere.

Let us not forget that there are myriads of Africans who have gotten European and American education. They have worked in both public and private sectors and had worked in America and Europe up to managerial levels.  They have gotten rich business experience as well as knowledge about financial imperatives needed for success in business. Africa would have developed faster if political and military powers that be were equally saturated with tremendous knowledge of how to win economic war. A lot of educated elites had to return to the US and Europe when they were never allowed to use the expert knowledge they acquired. Such had contributed to under rating their worth as knowledge workers all over their land of sojourn. Of course, they did well in class in higher institutions; BUT, there existed a covert reflection on them concerning where they came from. Do not ask me for data to prove this. It is an obvious empirical observation. Besides, those affected would not happily participate in any such survey, unless they have been able to re-brave the odds to return to the attested level they were before returning to their country.                                             (This is first in a 3-part series)