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Glad Tiding Season Part One

Every year, there is a day within a week and extending to a month-long period designated for glad tidings meant to be extended to friends and relations and especially the less privileged members of the society. Indeed, the Thanksgiving period opens the joyousness of the season from late November and extending through the Yule-tide to the end of outgoing year into the New Year Day. There is no gainsaying that the happy landing in America of the first pilgrims in 1621 gave birth to heartfelt thanksgiving.

The annual thanksgiving as it is to this day was by proclamation of the revered President Abraham Lincoln. He established the thanksgiving holiday to take place on fourth Thursday of every year since 1863. As a devout christian, he appreciated the awesome grace of God that kept the United States together as one and indivisible country. President Abraham ¬†Lincoln described the day as “A national day of thanksgiving and praise to beneficient Father who dwells¬†in the Heavens”.

We have to develop a frame of mind that resonates with the founding Fathers. In other words we need to count much on the spiritual significance of Thanksgiving and not just wining and dining.