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Non-Carnal Love Series # 11

Samson, the failed hero

Love of God makes man the head of all in creation.

God is the creator of the universe in which our own world is just a speck and every part of it remains held together with his divine love. Thus we find out that even the extent that man’s vista could ever reach is very limited. Genesis Chapters 1 & 2 gave us an insight into the history of creation. The most interesting part is the fact that man was the last to be created and was made head of all things, living and non-living. what a great love and limitless favor to mankind this is, for which man must endlessly worship and adore HIM.

HE satisfied man in all ways by putting him in paradise where he did not need to struggle as became his portion after the fall and expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Paradise was made to be a place of abode without sinning and with in-built status of timelessness or eternity in God’s splendor. With all these man unexpectedly┬ásuccumbed to the beguiling of the serpent and consequently lost out in his tenancy in Paradise. It is truly a sad history for man to recall.

In spite of God’s love, man continued to behave in Adamic rise and fall format in his relationship with God and man. However, God’s love is laced with foregiveness; therefore, whoever believes in Jesus Christ must behave true to type in foregiving those who trespassed against them.