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It is interesting to draw a parallel between the days of Noah and Christ era. There exists similarity between the two in terms of the need for man’s pathway to salvation through loyalty, humility and unalloyed obedience to God at all times. Noah was human while Christ was God incarnate. Noah carried out God’s instruction to build an Ark so as to get people saved from the flood that would wipe out humanity except they got into the Ark. Christ unarguably had shared in the divinity of the Almighty God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Let us look at Jesus Christ and his mission on earth. His was not a physical but a spiritual Ark that is not man-built. He came that man must be saved from all his iniquities and through HIM people must work out their salvation with fear and trembling. What Noah’s people did to warrant God’s condemnation included irreverent behavior through forgetting their creator and valued worldly or mundane things more than Jehovah. In Genesis chapters 6 and 7, the bible narrated how contemporary poeole were opposed to the work of building the Ark.

Jesus’ mission was a continuation of what Noah strove to do. Prophets Isaiah in, Isaiah 9:6 prophesied the birth of Jesus about 400 years before he was born. Prophet Micah in Micah 5:2 did prophesy the birth of Christ up to his birthplace centuries before HE was actually born is Bethlehem. In Matthew 1:18 – 23 Isaiah’s prophesy was fulfilled. There came the Son of Man in His glory to teach the way of the Lord to the people.

The coming of Christ was the Annunciation or the rallying cry to get the Jews and peoples of the world to repent from their apostacy or renunciation of their agelong believe in Yahweh (The Ark). Both Hosea and Apostle Paul had a conclusion that pointed to failure to abide in God would always attract condemnation; the Ark and the flood as much as Christ’s death on the cross for remission of sin with consequent salvation for eternal life or rejection of the good news and ensuing condemnation to eternal sorrow and anguish.