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Non-Carnal Love Series # 24

Love of Christ is love of God

Love of Christ is love of God

Love locks the gate of hell against the lost loved one who the Lord used to revolutionize the spread of the gospel. This statement summarises the love of God on Peter the rock on which the Church of Christ was built, on one part Matt 16 : 18. On the other hand, the love of God figured out who HE had equipped mentally, psychologically and educationally with high-profile social status to lead in propagating the gospel to both the Jews and the gentiles. Saul of Tarsus was he that God was instructing Peter not to reject as part of his team (Jesus’ disciples) Act 10: 10-20 (NKJV)

It is just human for the disciples not to want to accept Paul based on the persecution they have been suffering. In view of Jesus earlier declaration that says: “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” Matt 19: 26B (NKJV). God networked Ananias (who baptized Saul and laid hand on him to receive his sight), Judas in whose house Saul stayed for three days along the Street called STRAIGHT Act 9: 10-19 (NKJV), Barnabas in Jerusalem and lastly Peter. God told Peter in a trance that he should not reject anyone who God had cleansed Act 10: 13-15 (NKJV). It is the love of God, all must believe, that binds us together. HE, the Almighty God possesses the sovereign power to choose who to use as vessel of honor like Paul the Apostle.

Non-Carnal Love Series # 17

Life of Apostle Paul gave us an insight into how God extends his love to cover even the wicked ones. Paul, as Saul, had one sterling quality of intense dedication to duty. Man sees only the face but God sees the heart or that which is intrinsic and can always tap on man’s hidden resources to edify HIS holy name. In his fervor at rounding up Jesus’ disciples for imprisonment. Paul received High Priest’s mandate to hunt down Jesus’ disciples with their so-called “new doctrine”. It was on his way to Damascus that he met the risen Christ who commissioned him – Saul – (later Paul) and literally enlisted him as soldier in the gospel army. Acts 9: 1-16

Through thick and thin, pain and pang, along with trial and tribulation, his tenacious faith in Christ Jesus saw him through all the fall out arising from his missionary journeys among Jews and gentiles. He expectantly rose to the rank of “five-star general” meaning, he ran the gospel race to win the crown of glory.

A deserter in any national Armed Forces that are justly defending the territorial integrity of his country is anti-Paul the Apostle. A quitter in any tough assignment is apparently a total failure, God has a sacred duty to bless us but it is our duty to use our talent responsibly to his honor and glory. Apostle Paul really did.