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Great but Dented Series # 3

This is a human perspective concerning the life of NOAH the man of God that was used to start life afresh after the deluge.The greatness of prominent bible characters like NOAH is never in doubt. Hence, there is no justification for passing judgement on them. Matthew 1: 7 says: “Judge not that you be not judged” However, the dents they had in varying degrees show how man has always shown their humanness or the frailty in human nature. Jesus is the only historical PERSON that had no sin. he remained dent-free and yet He was hated, maligned , beaten , scourged and crucified all for mankind’s redemption from sin and death.

Genesis 6: 8 “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” In Genesis 6: 11-16, God saw that the world was corrupt and wicked, and therefore commissioned Noah to build an Ark for all in creation both animate and inanimate were to be represented. It was to be huge enough to accommodate all to preserve existing species before the coming of the flood. The deluge wiped out every thing in creation except those that were in the Ark of salvation. For Noah to have been chosen to start afresh with everything in creation that was preserved in the Ark showed that he was a man God was interested in to start the new world. It was a great divine honor and privilege.

As those saved came out to populate the earth, Noah became a farmer. Genesis 9: 20-28 revealed the dent in his status of righteousness. Verse 21 states,”Then he drank of the wine and was drunk and became uncovered in his tent, He woke up and knew what his younger son has done to him” (NKJV) Such a righteous man dented his image for drinking himself to stupor and had to place curse on Canaan. Why is it hard for mankind to forgive those that offended them. Jesus said forgiving should be up to seventy times seven. In other words, forgiving offenders is limitless. Psalm 130: 3-4 “If the Lord should mark iniquities, Oh! who could stand? but there is forgiveness with you That You may be feared” It is a lesson on how to live sinless life and remain undented before our Father in Heaven. This post or others in the series is not trying to be judgemental.

Non-Carnal Love Series # 14

God’s love is from generation to generation. The trio of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob demonstrated a two-way love cord that connected the three patriarchs to God’s love. It is highly significant in the life of Jacob, later called Israel. He became the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. The patriarchs all loved, trusted, worshipped and obeyed God. Even while they, the Israelites were in Egypt for 450 years in bondage, God never forgot his love bond with the lineage of the patriarchs. In his divine love, God saw the afflictions of His people – the Hebrews – and orchestrated their release from bondage. He used Moses, a Hebrew child but brought up as a prince of Egypt in all their arts and culture to effect God’s will. With filial love for the Hebrews he met out instant justice to a wicked Egyptian task-master and became a fugitive in the land of Midian for 40 years.

God commissioned him to go and secure the release of the children of Israel from bondage. In love God took them to the promised land but got rid of the disobedient generation that left Egypt before settling down in the land of Canaan. Armament in war does not ensure victory, rather God’s mysterious hand upon Israel brought down the walls of Jericho – a highly dreaded and fortified city – all because of obedience to the war strategies God gave them. Divine love when sustained conquers fear, defeat and sorrow in the life of man.