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Answered Prayer Series # 4

God isn't a robot the way in which HE answers prayers.

God isn’t a robot the way in which HE answers prayers.

Everything that man does has technique or right methodology to guarantee success. Man inherited this from our creator. There is a set pattern of nurturing a child before becoming a worthwhile adult. For prayers to strike the right cord or resonate with the will of God, the person saying the prayer must be certain of things. These include knowing that as a Christian one must know the importance of prayer to a believer. It is the sure source of conversation between man and God. Though man cannot see Him, He is all eyes and ears. Seriousness in prayer raises it to divine level.It is a potent weapon for fighting physical and spiritual wars. In simple language, it is man’s SOS to his maker. 1 Samuel: 12-15; Jeremiah 33: 3; 2 King 19: 4-5; Act 12: 5

What then are the pre-requisites for answered prayers:                         (1). A believer must be very humble wherever or whenever he is praying. (2). One is not a believer if one does not have faith in the prayer one is saying. One needs to pray in faith to God James 1: 6-8       (3). Jesus asked us to pray in His name for His Father to give us HIS attention Phil 2: 9; Act 4: 12. (4). A person must know that his prayer cannot receive God’s approval if it is opposed to the will of God, for instance, cursing others instead of blessing them in prayer. (5). Man needs to remember that God’s ministering Angels are around to teach man how to pray or supplicate answerable prayers. 1 Samuel 15: 22; Matthew 17: 2; Psalm 50: 15 and 2 Chronicles 1: 6-7

We can always ask God to increase our faith in Him. Lastly, we need to intensify talking to ourselves and others about faith-based prayers in this scientific age. Science is being regarded as the be all and end all. What we lose sight of is the fact that scientific discoveries are things new to man but are the next level of God’s release of a tiny speck of his knowledge to ardent seekers. The discoverer can only discover what had been put there, whether tangible or not, visible or invisible. It is only those given or blessed with the uncommon knowledge that can bring it forth to the attention of humanity

Non-Carnal Love Series # 38

Manifestation of “Fig Tree Syndrome” is discernible in anyone with an attitude of let people see me doing while the action amounts to nothing. When men of substance are gathered together you find such empty persons positioning themselves to be photographed along with them. Such people then turn round to claim closeness to the powers-that-be. They use the circumstance to massage their ego or use such to extort money from those who needed their help Matthew 16: 16-20. Peter by divine prompting recognized Jesus as the Christ. He gained eternal prize  unlike any one who just spoke for speaking sake.

While Ahimaz son of Zadok did not worth being sent to deliver the crucial message, Cushite qualified to run the errand and delivered the it with wisdom and integrity that really matched the King’s intellect,      II Samuel 18: 31-33. In John 13: 21-30 Jesus by divine intelligence discerned the role Judas was going to play in Jesus’ betrayal and crucifixion in the hands of the High Priest and the Jewish leaders. Judas apparently qualified to be the financial controller for Jesus and His disciples (Good News Inc.). He betrayed the Executive Chairman of the Corporation – A fig tree syndrome – and failed woefully in the ministry.

A believer needs to test and sift array of friends with prayers before choosing those to trust whole-heartedly and thereby avoid deep relationship with those that chase shadow instead of substance.