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Reliance on God Banishes Fear

It has always been a costly mistake for man to rely on human beings rather than God who is able to deliver those who trust in Him. Obviously,  fear of his people robbed King Saul the dynasty God promised him. He feared the Philistines and the possible consequences  of his soldiers deserting him at a crucial time of impending attack from the warlike Philistines. In fear, he went to perform the role of Prophet Samuel by offering peace and burnt offerings whereas God had always delivered Israel from more grievous situations or afflictions than the attack from the Philistines. King Saul was expected to have gotten the assurance that God had sworn to forever deliver Israel and crush their enemies by HIS divine intervention no matter their strength and number: 1 Samuel 13: 8-13 (NKJV)

Another grievous instance of fear of men was the instance of King Saul’s partial obedience in not carrying out God’s commandment to destroy all living things in Amalek including Agag the king. Saul’s fighting men destroyed everything except their King Agag and the best of their sheep and goats. When Prophet Samuel arrived at Saul’s place in Gilgal bleating of sheep was all over. Saul began to rationalize over why he brought King Agag and the sheep to justify his action. He had irrationally feared his men instead of God by obeying the voice of men I Samuel 15: 13-29 (NKJV).

Christians should not fear man and should not give heed to the threats of wicked people. We are not to breach the trust we have in the Almighty Lord our God because of his awesome powers.

Non-Carnal Love Series # 38

Manifestation of “Fig Tree Syndrome” is discernible in anyone with an attitude of let people see me doing while the action amounts to nothing. When men of substance are gathered together you find such empty persons positioning themselves to be photographed along with them. Such people then turn round to claim closeness to the powers-that-be. They use the circumstance to massage their ego or use such to extort money from those who needed their help Matthew 16: 16-20. Peter by divine prompting recognized Jesus as the Christ. He gained eternal prize  unlike any one who just spoke for speaking sake.

While Ahimaz son of Zadok did not worth being sent to deliver the crucial message, Cushite qualified to run the errand and delivered the it with wisdom and integrity that really matched the King’s intellect,      II Samuel 18: 31-33. In John 13: 21-30 Jesus by divine intelligence discerned the role Judas was going to play in Jesus’ betrayal and crucifixion in the hands of the High Priest and the Jewish leaders. Judas apparently qualified to be the financial controller for Jesus and His disciples (Good News Inc.). He betrayed the Executive Chairman of the Corporation – A fig tree syndrome – and failed woefully in the ministry.

A believer needs to test and sift array of friends with prayers before choosing those to trust whole-heartedly and thereby avoid deep relationship with those that chase shadow instead of substance.