Driving is the ability to guide self, other human beings and even designated tools that impact on other machineries for harmonious functioning whatever the size or complexity. In other words, it is an art that is to be mastered. The simple status of driving a car or any vehicle requires certain abilities and to talk of driving racecars requires greater knowledge based on training and personal innate ability that exceed that of drivers of both luxury cars , private or commercial.

A racecar driver’s mindset can therefore be compared to the attributes of leaders that work to direct others in the pursuit of success if goals are to be achieved. Mechanically, I have learnt about another meaning of “a driver”. It fits a dictionary meaning which says of a driver as a piece on computer software that controls input and output operations. A leader or government can also act as a driver to the company or nation.

The founder of Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates was Rasheed bin Saeed AlMaktoum (1910-1990). He ruled the Emirate for 32 years (1958-1990). The momentum he created since1956 has never slowed down or abandoned . By the same token, not all live line cable electrical operators in an electrical company can qualify to be live line electrical operators. They usually undergo special training in competence and alertness or be psychologically fit for the job at any time.

Racecar driver is expected to have certain important skills and attributes needed for such a professional job. Driving ability to be able to drive at top speed which can be up to 200 miles an hour and possibly within a confined race track. Another is mechanical knowledge of how to understand the various sounds and performances that can translate to strains and distress and can also lead to unexpected breakdown, the next is healthiness requiring physical fitness and reflexes. The well-tuned reflexes will always enable the driver to favorably respond to the changing situations during the competition. This tends to avoid collision as the competitors continue to race ahead within the route mapped out for the race. They need to be psychologically balanced.

Very much related to the psychological status of the drivers is fast moment of decicion making to avoid collisions. At the height of competition, there is no time to prevaricate or time for indecision before nipping collision in the bud, that can occur within the twinkle of an eye. Such driving requires foresight and cooperation leading to successful competition to the benefit of the profit motive of their sponsors. These are just some of the mindset for the success of the usually hyped expensive and flamboyantly prestigious competition.

It is expected that the mindset of racecar drivers should be the paramount concern to our leaders, managers or captains of industry, educational and religious leaders. People should work towards team-building and be adaptive, psychologically balanced, and get educated in a form of continuing education to step up the tempo of readiness for purposeful achievement in individual and corporate enterprises.

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