Be positively adaptive

To be positively adaptive is to be able to find a level ground where the terrain is rough and rugged. It is just a part of life. Life is not as straight as the old Roman Appian Way. It is full of unexpected situations and the ability to find acceptable substitute call for being able to be adaptive in the prevailing circumstance.

It is therefore advantageous to be positively adaptive like Apostle Paul who during his missionary journey to Athens in Greece. He was at the Areopagus where he used an inscription  “To the unknown God” to preach the God of the universe according to the gospel as preached by Jesus Christ.

This is the driving force behind the achievements of researchers who would always find solution to our everyday problems.  Paul had a breakthrough to the mind of the wise men in Athens. To my mind , he taught what was yet to be seen and believed through that which was available especially as it satisfied the curiosity of the philosophical Athenians

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