From time immemorial, herbs have been in use to cure ailments but at the advent of science with innovative creativity, dependence on roots and herbs was gradually relegated to the background as if their potency was not to be reckoned with. Furthermore, with economic rationalization and the possibility of industrialization the fortune of total dependence on roots and herbs dipped or really nose-dived. Science took over with wider basis for producing medication. At such, science-enhanced medicine incorporated the use of roots and herbs, mineral resources and gaseous substances and more. Most importantly, research efforts paid off. Even when any herb is to be used there was the possibility of analyzing the potency of each herb as well as the various constituents relevant to a particular ailment. This situation apparently sealed the hope of placing confidence in or reliance on roots and herbs only. Besides, the possibility of mass production for better returns to investment, attracted investors whose desire was to maximize profits irrespective of the growing poverty sticken masses.

As industrialization took firm root, there was a conscious effort to belittle the efficacy and benefit of nature’s gift to mankind.  In the face of scientific discoveries coupled with the opportunity of making money by entrepreneurs, there arose a covert unintended abandonment of the use of roots and herbs. However, as culture differs from one society to the other as well as socio-economic and scientific development, some societies stuck to their reliance on roots and herbs in its most natural application, preparation and use. For example, in India, China and many countries in Asiatic zone and in developing countries of Africa, there is still a wide-spread use of nature’s roots and herbs. Their potency is never in doubt. In traditional settings no one ever gets into the forest to pluck just any leaf or dig roots without being a traditional healing practitioner. It takes an appreciable time of studying to reach the level of accreditation to practice, though not by government accreditation bodies but by their trainers in traditional settings.

In traditional setting, the knowledge of herbs and roots with their uses is shrouded in secrecy in order not to cheapen the art. Furthermore, to become a practitioner takes four to five years to graduate, or even more, from apprenticeship. The barest truth is that proficiency in the art confers, on such individuals, prestige and means of economic well-being. Secondly, it is a source of social recognition in the society. It is akin to the social recognition the orthodox medical practitioners enjoy in modern-day society. It may seem simplistic or paradoxical but it is true that if roots and herbs are not potent, chances are that humanity must have been wiped out for lack of modern medicine. Except for overdose, roots and herbs do not have as much side effects as modern medicine. Even if treatment has to take a long time to completely cure an ailment, once a patient is healed it takes long before a relapse can occur, if at all, all things being equal. For truth to tell, modern medicine does not need any incantation or ritual to bring cure to an ailment. In years gone by the practice was authentic and respected. It is still prevalent in many cultures in Africa as far as I know. As for modern medicine which is more than roots and herbs, there is progressive research with constant upgrade to in-depth study of ailments and particularly, the changing phases of viruses and bacteria and additional hygienic conditions of people in and out of homes, hospitals and clinics.

The greatest wisdom of man is still foolishness before God. This is the reason why people have to die in spite of so much advance in science-based medicine. Kudos to modern medicine, in that so many avenues are available in the never-ending frontier of modern medicine in trying to meet changes that occur in the various causes of illnesses and diseases. Furthermore, there is specialization in line with the various systems of the body and how each affects the other. The emerging situation of medicines, concerning ancient and modern is that there is now a growing trend in fusing the use of herbs and roots for curative purpose even by accredited or licensed medical practitioners. As we are made to know they use their analytic skills to analyze the raw materials into treating specific ailments and they are winning all the way. Entrepreneurs who have been feeding fat on the returns on their investments towards boosting modern medicine have not shown much concern to enhance the beneficial trail these adamant licensed medical practitioners have ruggedly been trailing. Without purporting to be making any scientific statement, one can therefore safely say that man by nature is closer to plants and animals than mineral resources buried deep in the belly of the earth crust. In all researches into medicine, their “guinea pigs” have been plants and animals. What kills plants and animals will surely kill human beings. Can this assertion be faulted? Man has always been trying to outsmart God but, to the best of my knowledge, he has not succeeded. It is a good effort to think outside the box, it brings progress. By this assertion then the medical practitioners who are trying to incorporate the use of roots and herbs based on modern science acquired, from the citadel of modern learning should no longer be ostracized or impeded for thinking outside the box because their effort has the prospect of giving medical treatment at cheaper and affordable rate to the grassroots. They have been individually sponsoring the production process at a high cost to an individual one-man business.

There is a growing trend of some licensed modern doctors from greatest names in the citadel of contemporary medical research schools that have carried their research effort beyond the frontiers of mere modern medicine. They have included looking into roots and herbs that supported lives in past generations especially in India, Japan and China. Such doctors are claiming to have aspired to produce a possible perfect elixir of life. These days, they have variously drawn massively from roots and herbs to produce medications that they claim work against aging and its attendant ailments. Some of these new supplements are loaded with nutrients that make them “One safeguard for all”. At the same time, there are many targeted to prevent or adequately control specific ailments to prevent escalation.

Should the claim of such medications be true, why should the thriving industry not be allowed to succeed, for the sake of the poor masses? Non-proponents of the new trend say that the composition is at best vitamins and minerals. Is there any law banning prevention of acute illnesses, diseases, ailments or rejuvenating ailing or aging cells in the body? We are made to understand that there had been no report of side effects. In addition, the researchers never asked anyone not to consult his or her personal physicians with the pills or capsules.

I need to let our guru of medical field know that I am not doing a professional appraisal, rather I belong to the teeming members of the grassroots who cannot afford to pay the expensive cost of drugs, in the treatment of such deadly diseases as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and related heart, kidney or lung diseases. The basic claims of these new revolutionary medicines is that they rejuvenate the components of the body ( cells) to help prevent the occurrence of deadly diseases and increase the body organs’ ability to fight for good health successfully. Drug manufacturers and government should please create room for this alternate medicine for the sake of those who cannot afford the cut throat charges on drugs and medication they produce. All self-appointed critiques should have an open mind when critiquing, so that they do not appear to be agents of the aristocrats and should at the same time act as gadflies to prevent excess pricing by these doctors who are actually blazing a good trail of low-cost medication. God bless America.

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