To backslide is to lapse in morals or from standard religious practice. A post or tree on one spot cannot be said  to have backsliden because of any twist and turn even in stormy weather. In christendom, such movement refers to stormy blast of life that can break or uproot a standing tree of faith. Christians are known to develop anchor to their faith. It has been seeing them through all their difficulties, even from ages past.

A born  again christian that backslides, shows a situation of strong faith and belief in Christ Jesus but owing to certain events or condition faith and belief can be eroded by so many factors thus making the believer to lose grip of his or her erstwhile faith. Baptism signifies a believer’s rejection of sinfullness or worldliness. It thus suggests breaking bond with the devil or agents of darkness. Such a new believer is supposed to have become adopted into the sonship of the Almighty God.

However, baptism is a beginning phase of walking with Jesus in faith. It is believed that one has died  to his sin and had risen (from the water in baptism by emersion) with Christ Jesus holy and pure.. One has thus gotten free access to salvation. Though ticket to salvation is free but it has to be guarded from being taken away or losing it. One is deemed to be carrying God’s anointing that needs to be continuously replenished. The process is as simple as effectively and effectually praying without ceasing among other observances, for the mere fact that the devil as a roaring lion is roaming the world seeking whom to devour. A prayerless Christian is said to be a Christless believer. Prayer represents maintenance of the armor of God so that the devil will not be able to yank one out from following Christ in thought, words and deeds.

…..To be concluded.

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