FALL SEASON IN LIFELEAVES FALL FREELY IN FALL SEASON TO STARTWITH FRESH LEAFAGE FORFULL FRESH SPRING FOLIAGEThere is more than seven after six. It is a local saying that assures us that failure is not the end of life. However, life is like a train in transit but has to stop for some passengers to alight at their own destination and still has to bring in fresh passengers whose destination would be ahead. When it reaches the end of the ‘to’ journey, it would return via the same route having to stop at the fixed stations for more passengers to disembark and embark. For seasonal weather, the cyclical journey goes into eternity. Human life is patterned into a mould that fits the train movement until it becomesobsolete, written off and scrapped. We are born to die is a common knowledge that man has been grappling with without solution. He has times of high and low tides in life, so, the seasons can come with hardship or pleasure. No matter what, if one does not allow the heat of sunshine Summer to kill or debilitate him one would transit to fall season where dress code starts changing to accommodate changing weather that will again gets more unbearable if one fails to adapt to winter coldness. As the season of harsh coldness advances it can lead to freezing if care is not taken. Unknown to unsuspecting people, it is cleansing the air of all dirty substances hanging in the air as rain falls. Debris hiding in sewage pathway is being cleared by erosion. By the time Spring season springs in, the air is clean, drainage is free of stagnant water which prevents breeding of mosquitoes and other harmful insects. At the advent of Spring season, life returns with freshness. Nature brings fresh flowers like daffodils and fresh lilies with poppies throughout Antelope Valley at the north end of Los Angeles County which gets celebrated. In other words, man’s life is full of ups and downs. It is only those who cannot re- invent or restructure themselves after a failure or disaster that would sink rather than swim across the sea of problems besetting them that do perish along with their problems. I join all American citizens to doff my hat to the revered President Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865) who after vicissitudes in his political career got vote to become the 16th President of the United State in America. The current Nigerian President was once a military Head of State. He was ousted but at the return to civilian government, he started contesting in every Presidential election and was failing since 1999 only to succeed in 2015 Presidential election. He seemed to have favorably weathered the political storm to emerge at the country’s ASO ROCK, an equivalent of the American WHITE HOUSE.So ‘Fall season in Life’ stands for just a chapter in a person’s life. Like the old folks’ song “Nobody knows the trouble I see, nobody knows my sorrows. Nobody knows the trouble I see, Glory Hallelujah: Sometime I’m rich, sometime I’m poor, O yes Lord. Nobody knows the trouble I see; Glory Hallelujah!!!”. Therefore, death is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Man can get to FALL season in his life and go into winter bitter cold; if he remains resilient he would be able to spring back to life’s freshness and buoyancy. “Circumstantial Homelessness” is a fitting scenario. (Ref: ValuPlus Poems: Focus on Behavioral Tendencies. Pg 24 Copyright 2008 by Emmanuel Osindele). In other words, at the end of a dark and cheerless night, there is always the dawn of a new day. 

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