No one is an island. We need each other and one another to survive at all times. If we consider the physiology of human being or all the component parts of an organization, we will see that all parts have to work in unison or else, the individual will report sick or indisposed to say the least. By the same token, an organization that cannot work as a team, will sooner or later become dysfunctional. For the married couple, they need to strike a balance between them in living with little or no disagreement in order to present a common front. Failure to place themselves on a common platform will bring problem that will engulf their children except for divine grace upon the children. Be a team builder and sustainer. No country is sufficient for itself, however developed it may be. In the days of trade by barter , the insufficiency of man is quite obvious. What a person has the other man does not have and so people had to exchange goods to supplement what they do have. The developing countries of the world had to look up to the developing world to source raw materials. After processing them in their industrial establishments they must look out for market in order to dispose the manufactured goods. They may in the course of exchange have greater economic gain over developing world. It is however certain that in the absence of market for finished products , there would be colossal loss on the part of the entrepreneurs. In politics it is said that there is no permanent enemies or friends. It is only when the association is beneficial to all parties involved that friendship can last long. As soon as the benefits are not equal or near equal there is the tendency for the relationship to break down. Political realignment is very common when there is comparative advantage for one to affiliate or join the association. Man as a social animal derives joy in belonging to a party, social or religious organistion. 

Obviously, we need each other or even one another to survive. As a body of Christ, we are the church and we exist in our different units to help each to survive. The kings of Israel needed the prophets for God’s approval before they wage any war. Joshua needed God to show him why they lost the battle with a small community. The word of God came to let them know that one of them has disobeyed God’ instruction not to take any war booty from the earlier war. It happened that Achan took and hid the item in his tent. Aaron was raised to priesthood as a helper to Moses who had defect in speech. To unite the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Israel, Abner, Saul’s war commander had to defect from the house of Saul to cede the ten tribes of Israel to David. Abigael’s action helped David to desist from taking vengeance on Nabal who denied David’s fugitive entourage victual in spite of having rendered unsolicited help to protect Nabal’s sheep from being attacked in the wilderness. Jonah was sent to preach repentance to the people of Nineveh before God averted the impending disaster. The people abided by his preaching and God forgive them  until hundred years later when there was no one to warn them as they reverted to their earlier sinful ways and God had to punish them.

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