We need each other to survive (Continued)

No one is expected to survive being alone without interacting with others. Inter-dependence is another word that bears testimony to having others at ones beck and call. This age has been thriving on inter- dependence. The poor needs the rich . the rich and powerful also is in need of the poor. The developed countries need the developing countries for economic survival.

Take for instance, it is only two agreeable people that can walk, live, dine and wine or work together in harmony. In Amos 3:3 (KJV) it says “Can two work together, except they be agreed.” From creation God saw the need for companionship before taking a rib from  Adams’ chest, with it, HE created Eve. That was the first instance of surgical operation on mankind. Genesis 21: 21-24 Without doubt, togetherness has been ordained by the creator. In Genesis 2: 25, there lies the testimony that we are supposed to accept each others nakedness or fault. If we love without hating each other, we are less likely to see or capitalize on the fault of the other person and be able to survive together in peace.

The bible is replete with people working , living, fighting, even believing in the fatherhood of God that helped them survive during turbulent times in both individual life and the nation as a whole. David and Jonathan were so fond of each other that they entered into a covenant that blossomed past the life of Jonathan. It was that bond that made it possible for David to survive Saul’s overt intension to kill him. It was this genuine companionship that also brought Mephibosheth from Lodebar to the king’s court. He was also vested with the status of Prince and was able to eat at table with the reigning monarch. 

We need each other to survive is re-echoed in the plot to kill Apostlle Paul. After the Sanhedrin had called him to question. By divine dynamism he perceived  the two strange bed-fellows – Pharisees and the Saducees. They differed on the  belief over resurrection. He declared his being born and bred a Pharisee; who grew up under the strict tradition of the Pharisees. The division stalled the decision that was about to be taken. Another plot was hatched and his sister’s son got wind of it and leaked it to Paul while still in custody. The young man was referred to the chief captain and the plan was foiled. The planners on oath to kill Paul got disappointed as he was guarded out of Jerusalem to Caesarea via Antipatris. If Paul’s sister’s son were to be out of the scenario, they would have killed him while returning to the High Priest for a phony retrial. Acts 23: 11-23 (KJV) Man’s need is helped or nourished by his faith in the Almighty God who knows the end from the beginning. He recompenses in accordance with every individual’s thought, words or deeds. God does not abandon His own. His grace does not reckon with man’s iniquity except for those who forsake Him.

To be on the safe side in terms of finding help for survival in times of serious trouble, we need to look up to heaven from where comes our help so says the Psalmist in Psalm 121: 1. Here are clear instances of providing help for people in need. It was God’s plan to send Joseph to Egypt ahead of future calamity of no little dimension. His being there was to prevent a situation of wiping out Jacod’s lineage out as a result of seven-year famine in Egypt. Not that alone, what the glory, splendor, magic and majesty of Pharaoh could not do Joseph was already there to do it. Even though, he suffered in the hand of his kith and kin and in Prison in Egypt for offence he did not commit, but the purpose of God was fulfilled. Joseph was available to help Egypt and the whole of Pharaoh’s kingdom from the grueling  seven-year drought.

Finally, what enhances helping each other to survive begins with at least a person to have the divine and appropriate positioning to be able to carry out the assignment. A man of God was indeed in need of money to fund his thriving ministry. by divine intervention, he met an old acquaintance who hinted him about a vacancy that existed in a work-place for which he was eminently qualified. At the time of interview, he prayed for God’s presence with him to ensure success. It happened that even before the start of the interview, the interviewers expressed their delight in him for honoring their invitation as if he was the person they were desperately looking for. He proved his mettle, and the result was immediate. He, from then forward, had enough working fund to fuel his growing ministry.

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