Great but Dented Series # One

Sinfulness in our life started with mankind’s first parents – Adam and Eve. For man to engage in iniquity was very painful to God. If man were to be God, the most likely thing to do would have been to destroy Adam and Eve and just wipe them off from his memory or eternal record. From human angle, it would have been as a result of the greatest level of disappointing behavior of the most blessed of all that God did create. Indeed, HE created everything in heaven and earth and saw that they were good before creating man lastly  on the sixth day and gave the ruler-ship over living and non-living things to man on ‘a platter of gold’. He then rested on the seventh day. Gen. 1: 26-31.

In contemporary age, one would say that God provided them food, clothing and shelter as well as every opportunity of companionship and to reproduce. Indeed HE endowed them with every conveniences we can think of.  HE created for them to enjoy. If there is no law there is no sin hence God gave them injunction not to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of  good and evil or else they would die  Gen 2 : 16-17.  Adam and Eve kept the word of God until the serpent came with ‘tongue in cheek’ to psyche Eve into tasting and even eating the forbidden fruit and the rest became history. The result was their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Genesis 3 :  9-24.

Were the present day police to apprehend them, they would have slammed them with such charges as : 1. Breach of trust  2. Abuse of rare privilege 3. Trespassing set boundary 4. Gross ingratitude 5. Abuse of benefactor’s largesse 6. Defiling the sanctity of the Garden of Eden 7. Felony with attempted secession  8. Adoption  with subscription to illegal constitution to the detriment of the subsisting divine laws  9. Conspiracy with and yielding to enemy combatant 10. Self endangerment and many more

Adam and Eve were so much blessed and were not billed to die until after they had sinned. It is regrettable . How great would it have been if man were to remain eternally. There would not have been any need for commissioning Lord Jesus to come, suffer and die for man’s sin and redemption. The status of man prior to sinning was really great before being dented.


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