Help of the Helpless # One

Be strong in the Lord to be able to receive help of the helpless.

Be strong in the Lord to be able to receive help of the helpless.

This topic will definitely be meaningful to those who trust in the Lord or those helpless people who God helped out of their predicament where they had thought there was no way out. The account of event in II Chronicles 13: 1-22 goes in part: “In the eighteenth year of King Jeroboam Abijah became king of Judah…….And there was war between Abijah and Jeroboam. Abijah set the battle in order with an army of valiant warriors, four hundred thousand choice men. Jeroboam also drew up in battle formation against him with eighty hundred thousand choice men of valor.

Love of God breeds trust and faith  that depend on the Almighty God.To such individual, protection, victory, healing in times of sickness are the by-products of walking with God. In times of difficulty, a call on God is easily answered appropriately and in the nick of time. Evidently and from human angle Abijah’s strength was not equal to that of Jeroboam. However, armament cannot ensure victory especially when one has the backing of divine power. Abijah reminded Jeroboam that he was trying to destroy his master’s dynasty. Abijah recalled that King David received God’s covenant of perpetual kingship through generations yet unborn. Abijah also catalogued the ways in which King Jeroboam defied God especially having to trust in graven images instead of God. Ambush is a war tactic Jeroboam adopted to encircle Abijah’s lesser numbered army.  Abijah was surprised but not discouraged. He and prayer warriors used the most potent and unfailing weapon. They worshipped by singing and praising God. All of a sudden “God struck Jeroboam  and all Israel before  Abijah and Judah.” Terror stricken Israel was completely annihilated thus confirming that help will always come to the helpless while the proud stands to be abased in spite of his human prowess. Remember, as a person, David was no match to Goliath but help of the helpless that depended on God came to David as he brought Goliath down with just one  “divine stone” for David to be  able to sever Goliath’s head  in complete victory.

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