Man’s Inhumanity to Man

From Judges eleventh chapter

We read up to the twelfth chapter

Gileadites need the Ephramites

Ephramites should help Gileadites

                          Being not helpful create bad blood

Be good as unto Holy God

There lies correct nature of man

It’s highly worthy if you can

Your neighbor you must tolerate

What brought you there never berate

Who broke your family network?

And spoilt inherited good work

Alas! The sheep with dog have mixed

Into wrong mould they all got fixed

Grievance kept deep in Shiboleth

Death in thousands for Siboleth

Ephramites can you justify

Refusing yours to satisfy?

Gileadites why are you so brash?

Is it not your brother you trash?

Do you need someone you to curb?

Oh! My God, Remember Jacob

Mankind I hear you say God’s Love

Turn all problems to him to solve

Human angle’s event gory

Stop falling short of God’s glory

When shall mankind life to gather?

Never precious life to squander

When shall man learn to be his brother’s keeper? Brother Ephraim for brotherly love failed to offer help to Brother Gilead at the time when the Ammonites were oppressing him. Secondly, if  Brother Ephraim did not throw any uncalled for challenge to Brother Gilead, there would never have been a reprisal that made brother to destroy his brother. Judges 12: 1-6

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