Two Phases of Anger # 2

Being angry over issues that do not go well with a person is natural. All workers have varying causes for being angry. However, it calls to play the maxim of do to others as you want them to do to you. In other words, love is capable of conquering the negative side of anger. A believer is expected to be forthright and always with the inclination to forgive those who offend him/her. In order not to make anger to cause a believer to keep malice thus allowing it to become a time bomb that can wreak untold havoc to the angered person and on the recipient of the negative reaction, Saying it out is a better preferred way of handling anger. Such is intended to solve problems without complicating issues. Two wrongs, they say, cannot make a right. Matthew 5: 20-30 showed the commendation to those servants who gladly used their talents and achieved valuable result. It is noteworthy that they did not cheat their boss they did not remain idle while their master was away even if they had cause to be angry.

Were the master’s strategy meant for workers’ promotion or test for other considerations, the two that really used their time and capability responsibly did so as expected of them. They worked without having to be supervised and would hopefully be worthy of higher responsibility and perquisites of such position.

There is no doubt that the parable was actually telling the congregation about how man would be held accountable for his deeds on earth as he has to report back to Jesus in judgement. Man is expected to trust and obey God as Jesus preached. HE simplified the ten commandments by reducing the lot to just two. They are Man’s love of God  to the exclusion of other gods or graven images, and loving ones neighbor as oneself. They are meant to be easily remembered and thus readily practicable. There are bible passages already mapped out on how to handle anger for positive results. It’s coming soon.

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