Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure over certain situation caused one or by oneself. It is a situation of being angry. Each situation of anger dictates the type of reaction to it, in the sense that if ones property is damaged or ones character is being assassinated, there is bound to be anger naturally but it has to have a limit so as not to violate God’s requirement of us. There is another form of what triggers off anger. These include jealousy, avariciousness, putting down those that should be praised or appreciated. These forms of anger can be classified as unholy or non-divine. A quiet individual can easily sin because of undisclosed or bottled-up anger.

If the bubble of such anger should burst it would be capable of destroying property or relationship by keeping malice or resorting to depression or developing diseases. Such pent-up anger can trigger suicidal action or committing murder bourne out of revenge. Consequently, ones spiritual glory may fade out, working for progress may not be achievable, marriages can be broken with serious consequences to the family and the community in general. Churches have scattered because of members’ unresolved anger. At this level, all actions resulting from anger fail to comply with fellowshipping in Christ. Moses that the bible described as the most humble and meek on earth sinned because he, in anger, disobeyed the instruction of God. His failure arose from the hardness of heart of the children of Israel in the wilderness while leading them towards the promised land.

He actually led the Jews to the fringes of Canaan land, saw it but God disallowed him entry into the promised land for erring in anger. Anger, obviously, if not controlled can pitch one against God.

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