Non-Carnal Love Series # 40

From human angle, when there is an action a reaction usually follows. Generally the type of action determines the mode of action that follows or put in the perspective of cause and effect. No one can separate what man does from what samples recorded in the Words of God. Cain killed Abel and was cursed. Gehazi went behind Prophet Elisha to collect gifts from Naaman and was afflicted with leprosy. Achan, covetously took accursed war booties during the fall of Jericho and he perished with his household. Therefore there is no surprise if those who outwardly show love but inwardly are as vicious as the serpent, are paid in their own coin like being cursed, dismissed from work, or get a recall from political high office. The US Public Service is replete with such people. Indeed it is all over the world.

People having the “Fig Tree Syndrome” easily mislead and provoke people’s annoyance when discovered. They ignite uncommon anger. “The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal in Christ Jesus our Lord” Romans 6: 23. Such persons have lying spirit and they attract curses to themselves and possibly their household Matthew 18: 7. Believers should dishonor and dismiss them as fools. Once a while, one should learn to correct them by telling the truth. Educate people about the fig tree phenomenon in our everyday life and relationship with others. Pray God to deliver us from such people known to have the attitude. No one should fail to recognize the difference between good and evil. If the steadfast love of the Lord fails not, why then shall we not be Christ-like?

Never blindfold yourself amidst the splendor of God and His in-coming harbinger of peace. A lying or phony person should repent and change his/her way of life in order to be saved. Open the gate of his heart to receive the Lord Jesus, the harbinger of peace.

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