Non-Carnal Love Series # 40

Waiting upon God prevents spiritual shipwreck

Waiting upon God prevents spiritual shipwreck

Any form of love that does not line up with the will of God for mankind, is un-arguably non-divine. A situation of professing to be God’s vessel of honor,only to end up engaging in blasphemies against HIM, is a situation of olive leaves of salvation coming to one and one blindfolds self thus refusing and missing the gift of salvation. It may require saints to pray up coupled with the persons confession and heartfelt repentance to be able to get saved. Paul in his epistle in II Timothy 4: 10 said, “For Demas has forsaken me, having loved the present world, and has departed for Thessalonica”. Also Paul said, Alexander the coppersmith did me much harm. may the Lord repay him according to his work” II Timothy 4: 14.

They were just there wasting their time working tirelessly until  they turned away from God. Inability to be faithful to the end is a crucial mark of “fig tree syndrome”. Such people abound in homes, at work places, churches, in government business, in politics and in industries. Their general pattern join in fighting the good fight but deserting mid stream and ending in shipwreck of their faith. in other words, they start well but would fail to carry through.The bible warns against this behavior in 1 Timothy 1: 19-20; Luke 12: 35-40; Titus 2: 11-13 and Peter 1: 13-15. Believers need to brace up to changes in their daily life to ensure effectiveness in their physical and spiritual life. Love is persistent and long-suffering.

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