Non-Carnal Love Series # 39

Be blindfolded and miss the coming glory of God

Be blindfolded and miss the coming glory of God

Non-divine love is negative in manifestation. The fig tree analogy depicts a person’s offer of hope but through stinginess, or self centered motive fails to deliver the promised level of hope. In Matthew 19: 16-22, the rich young man had the means of financial help to the growing number of disciples for the purpose of bank-rolling the expenses needed to sustain them. Without any waste of time he considered such financial involvement in running the affairs of the ministry  a drain on his purse. Simply because he could not afford to part with his supposedly hard-earned cash, he left the saintly circle of Jesus is preference to the world and its frivolities made up ungodly love. Great men in their wisdom expect nothing short of efficient, effective or purposeful and value-ladden communication. King David was engaged in a war trying to consolidate his kingdom that was under the threat of his own son, Prince Absalom.

King David had no taste for worthless information and had to ask Ahimaaz the son of Zadok to “Turn aside and stand here” II Samuel 18: 30-32 waiting for Cushite to come as he was approaching from afar off . See how the question and answer in II Sam 18: 32 separated the “foolish virgins from the wise virgins”. In Cushite’s answer he  gave a comprehensive report in the most accurate and highly explicit manner. David was happy for the battle his son lost but at the same time he was sorrowful for the loss of his rebellious son.  The “fig tree” type of people are time wasters who can always tell irrelevant stories or outright lies. Divine love demands that such people must be avoided as much as possible.

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