Non-Carnal Love Series # 33

Non-canal loveThe spirit of adoption is a component part of agape love of God for the Lord God is Love, The context meaning of God’s love cannot be  adequately fathomed as it encompasses all created living and non-living things. What one cannot love and cherish may not in the affirmative be adopted. An adopted child  by law has become heir to the father’s inheritance. By adoption we have become  joint heirs with Jesus Christ our Lord. For being in God’s presence to be assured, one needs to be an unsevered branch of the vine – Jesus. Other attributes include humility, and maintaining close relationship with God. As a sinner one needs to be broken and be ready to confess ones sins to ensure forgiveness and ultimate redemption.

Let us remember that Adam and Eve were the first culprit of sinfulness and were consequently driven out of the Garden of Eden – a place of eternal joy. It was that sin that brought us separation from God, Genesis 3: 14-19. (NKJV)  Sin and death came through the first Adam. redemption, salvation and everlasting life  came by faith and believe in the second Adam – our Lord Jesus Christ. By the agape love of God, He sent us HIS only begotten Son (our Lord Jesus) as propitiating lamb of God to remain a means of cleansing man’s iniquity. It was for those the bible tells us are believers in Christ Jesus Romans 6: 23. (NKJV) It states, “For wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (NKJV)


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