Non-Carnal Love Series # 30

Love of Christ is love of God

Working together in brotherhood is pleasing to God

All bible believing faithful christians or born-again christians, and those who believe in the sovereignty of the Almighty God would agree with me that being ones brother’s keeper carries along with it the grace of God on all beyond the two individuals, societies, communities and nations of the world. In the absence of brotherly love in the home, offices, political arena or government circles the tendency is to substitute crises for Christ. There would be many a “rumble in the jungle” or simply put “much ado about nothing”. We miss the point of peace if we fail to be our brother’s keeper.

Is it not possible for religious faith to guide action in public or private or to thrive in our political equation and realities? Do we trust in God’s hand directing man’s affairs? Therefore, a brother’s keeper is not expected to pull down political opponent(s). However, it seems the contrary is the in-thing. It appears that when there is no intrigue, unhealthy rivalry, and or campaign of calumny participants seem to hold the view that nothing is moving. It serves no useful purpose to engage in character assassination thinking it would be to ones advantage, We need to remind ourselves that what one sows one would surely reap. The parable of the tares (weeds) and the wheat is a practical reminder or lesson on what became of the weeds disturbing the wheat, Matthew 13: 24-30; Mark 4: 2-20; Luke 8: 4-15.  Severe criticism rather than critiquing for progress is always counter productive. May the good Lord deliver us.

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