Non-Carnal Love Series # 29

There is a gulf of difference between Nabal and his wife. While pride made the tongue of Nabal untamable, humility averted disaster in Abigail’s reaction to David’s request. In Proverb 3: 34 e read ” God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble”. Nabal did not tell his wife about David’s request and his ignoble refusal to help a genuinely needy man of valor. Abigail’s humility determined the cause of her action and actually changed the course of her life thereafter. She had  deep-rooted love of God and her neighbors.

Non-canal lovePractical wisdom dictates that a man who had distinguished himself in battle needed to be honored and respected. From human angle, David did not take Nabal’s insult lightly but God intervened by using Abigail to restrain him from avenging himself on the household of Nabal. Abigail quickly prepared varieties of food and drink irresistible in aroma and hurried to meet David who was already on vengeance mission . David quickly thanked the Lord that sent Abigail to prevent him from bloodshed, 1 Samuel 25: 32-35. When Nabal’s drunkenness cleared and heard about what he did to David, his heart got frozen with fear of the war-lord. He died after about ten days later. Abigail became David’s wife, which status-wise was rewarding for her humility and taking the right action at the right time. Love to live, hate to be harried by hatred.

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