Non-Carnal Love Series # 28

loveThere is no alternative to doing good. Reward of good deed is pleasant but the evil doer shall receive the recompense that is invariably negative. David was a fugitive in Carmel after the cave experience when King Saul was seeking to kill him. David had the golden opportunity to kill Saul but he reminded himself that he should not do so to God anointed king. While residing in Carmel, he was so good to Nabal’s servants while shepherding their master’s livestock in safety because David’s  followers gave them cover in the wilderness of Paran.

David with his divine guidance still needed physical nourishment for self and with his fighting men with their households. It is just human for him to ask for endowment or help from who has the wherewithal to do so. 1 Samuel 25: 1-10. However, one can see the meeting of one carrying the anointing and another that of the devil. 1Samuel 25:10-11

Nabal arrogantly perceived David as one from an unknown parentage and a runaway servant of the master and should not be entitled to his wealth. He lost sight of David’ soldiers’ protection of his business interest.Nabal’s behavior showed that he loved money (wealth) more than loving God and his neighbor. Nabal’s love ie typical of one opposed to divine love that takes pleasure in helping others and never talking one down or hurting others deliberately. Opportunity to help others in difficulty must not be allowed to slip off our hands.

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