Non-Carnal Love Series # 25

Any form of love that fails to align with the love of God, and ones neighbor as Jesus preached  has lost out in qualifying for gaining  the kingdom of God. Love that is sensual or is for money, position and power or for satanic forces instead of God is rejection of God. A believer that is fearful or weak in faith is not as forcefully opposed to God as much as a very strong believer who deliberately made a U-turn from God. Such would expressly repudiate the faith he had in God. It is not good for ones salvation or well-being even while still in the flesh. The weak in faith can still repent, ask for more empowerment and be forgiven.

King Ahaz was singularly identified as having cast aside all sacred articles of worship during his reign. King Hezekiah rededicated them in his effort to bring Judah and Jerusalem back to God. ll Chro. 29 : 19 Except for a few Old Testament kings, most of them were not only unfaithful to God but also disrespectful to the laws of Moses as God gave them to him. Isaiah 1: 2-4; Jeremiah 2: 1-9. A believer ought not to

Love of Christ is love of God

Love of Christ is love of God

cave in when beset with problems or diasater. God knows us and would save us for HIS name sake provided our love for and faith in Him  does not waiver.

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