Non-Carnal Love Series # 12

Love of Christ is love of God

David and Jonathan were inseparable in love

Still on love that is neither carnal nor pecuniary. This calls for a revisit of the friendship between David and Prince Jonathan. Ordinarily, they belong to different social strata. Jonathan, as a King’s son was heir-apparent but David was from a little known parentage and a mere shepherd boy. Prophet Samuel had to annoint David as king-in-waiting because God rejected King Saul and evil spirit replaced the anointing on him. David’s knowledge of playing music made him a good choice in helping to release Saul from being tormented by evil spirit. 1Sam.15: 10-24

David’s victory over Goliath began to seal the hope of Jonathan from succeeding his father on the throne. In spite of this reality, Jonathan’s love for David continued to wax stronger everyday. King Saul got annoyed with his Prince who he thought did not appreciate his losing the crown. They sealed their friendship with an oath. When God established David as king of all the twelve tribes of Israel, he remembered to show favor to any surviving kith and kin from Saul’s household. Ziba, Saul’s servant, went to Lodebar to bring crippled  Mephibosheth to the palace on the orders of King David, who restored his parental inheritance to him. Genuine love that bound David and Jonathan together brought a reward to Jonathan’s son. 2 Samuel 9: 1-13

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