Non-Canal Love Series # 2

Non-canal loveWhat comes to my mind at this time is the undiluted love that makes one go to any length to satisfy the need of others. This invariably grows from doing what one loves to do without counting the cost or monetary compensation. Saul of Tarsus with Hebrew parentage versed in Judaism belonged to the elite sect of the Pharisees. He was also a Roman citizen. He was highly learned and passionate in serving the interest of the High Priests and Jewish religious hierarchy to persecute disciples of Jesus Christ Act 8:3 .

By post conversion period, Saul’s second name Paul became more prominent in use Act 13:9. It was at this stage that he showed the best in him. God commissioned him to spread the gospel to the gentiles or beyond the confine of Jewish tribes reaching as far as to all parts of the then Roman Empire. He the persecutor of Jesus disciples became the persecuted for Jesus’s sake. His travail went beyond the record of others. His passionate love for doing what he believed in remained a great lesson in non-canal love.

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